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Coinplay is a Canada-based company that offers to buy multiple cryptocurrencies, it aims to make the process of purchasing cryptocurrency fast and straightforward. The challenge was to build a design that is audacious and represents the true image of the brand. The logo, design, and visual content should be catchy, creative, and match the vibe of the service that the brand is offering so that the design and the offering correlate to give a desirable look to the customers. The ultimate task was to devise a design that is simple, audacious, and makes the company look approachable for its services.


Logos and design patterns are used by companies for the brand identity and description of the products or services it is offering. Designs, logos, colors, patterns, etc. influence the recognition of the brand. Minimalism in design typically offers the company a notation in this perspective, in contrast to brands with complex designs, they are hard to memorize and recognize and the visual appeal of the brand is lost in this whole process. The color scheme that coincides with the line of business makes the brand more approachable and desirable to the customers. Simple font and compatible font size used to layout the information for the brand look are convenient for the use of customers.

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At this point, it is important to have a deep insight into the business sector of the brand, so the visual content is in parallel with the offering of the brand. This step sets out a guideline for the designing and development process. At this step, all the information about the brand was gathered for the application of design principles. The logo was to be designed by assessing what beliefs and values are vital to the brand and addressed unswervingly through the strategy. The line of business is trading and cryptocurrency-based, and the content and design elements were kept simple so that all the relevant information about the service was layered simply with neutral tones. The addition of visual content along with the relevant textual information about the service helps in keeping the audience engaged and helps them to retrieve and remember the information easily.

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For design goals, versatility was employed as an approach. This results in designing a logo that can easily be transformed into an icon to sit comfortably in circular and square avatars. The logo was designed in a way that it looks bold and attractive when used on different platforms such as letterheads, business cards, websites, etc. The information about the line of business was layered by using simple words and relevant images so the brand gives off a convenient vibe to the customers. All the relevant information along with some visuals was added to keep the content of the website on the topic. Neutral and vibrant colors with a simple yet bold font were used throughout the design to give out a professional look to the brand’s audience. The yellow tones used work in parallel with the offering of the brand which is buying cryptocurrency aka bitcoins.

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We began to create a fresh, modern yet user-friendly design for the website. Keeping in mind the perceived values and aesthetics; the color contrast, tones, font selection and size, the color of the font on the website, the orientation of font, and pictorial content are plain and effortless but also relevant to the brand to visually appeal to its customers. The right choice for these demographics of design bestows the final look represented as the result. The relevant information layered on the website was accompanied by pictorial elements to give out a classy and professional look to the brand and to make the brand alluring for interested individuals. The color scheme was been used throughout the design in a way that every aspect and every page compliments each other and is not different from the other.

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Collateral Contents

In the end, we kept the intangible elements like such as fonts, text size, color schemes, and images to portray the company's actual image regarding its type of business to the public. The developed website and logo's graphic contents were also based on the sort of business sector. The logo is bold and self-explanatory, and it captures the essence of the company. The display's color palette is a functional aesthetic that provides the design with a professional appearance. The usage of the yellow tone conveys a sense of the industry sector; it corresponds to the brand that deals with bitcoins and the concept of cryptocurrency. The information for the display is appropriate for a business setting; it is tasteful, stylish, and objective. For the clients' convenience, all relevant information is displayed.





Mark Manansala


Yohanes Fadillah (Project Manager), Dino Martin (Brand Manager), Meg Tsuruda (Branding Coordinator), Jon Baumgardner (Director of Entertainment)





John Ademiluyi


Matthew Encina


Scott Rothstein


Jaime Van Wart


Sang Chung


Daisy Zarazua

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