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We create magnetic advertisement videos, memorable brand identities, user-friendly websites, and practical marketing strategies. We also create insights on how you can be profitable.

Business Strategy

Most people when they think of creating a business offline or online, think of creating a product, selling the product, and hoping to make enough capital to finance their next product idea. This kind of thinking is short-term about what's hot for the next few months and concentrates on selling a product to fill that hot, but limited need and it's not beneficial to a long-term business venture.

It is crucial to develop an executive summary. We tell you about the exact strategies on how to launch your new ideas whether online, offline, or a mix of the two to get the best business opportunities. We help you develop your business plan - your targeted market and services, analysis of the business environment, marketing and operation plan, your business competition, finance planning, etc.

Branding & Design

A business can’t survive if it doesn’t have a strong brand strategy – a unified identity, personalized content communication, exceptional culture, core business mission, and values, etc. Usually misunderstood, brand strategy is just not your logo, colour palette, or website, despite the fact that these creative ingredients are essential to a successful branding strategy.

Our main goal is to let the world know that your brand exists, what purpose it has, what you stand for, the promise you make, the personality you convey, and what defines your brand. We bring your competitive positioning to life, help you communicate your brand personality and tone of voice more effectively with your customers, shape how they feel about your brand, and drive sustainable brand awareness and brand equity.

Digital Marketing

The next major mistake most brands make is to put out contents that do not positively impact the needs of their customers and make a real connection with previously untapped target audiences. 'We've completely missed the target! Please accept our apologies.' That's what you don't want to say because your advertising campaign accidentally upset a diverse group of your target audience, especially in a volatile market.'

We specialize in writing, designing, and executing high-volume, bespoke, digital multicultural content road maps that will help guide your customers on their journey through awareness, interest, desire, and action. We start by identifying your target audience. Following that, we address your audience's needs and generate content that they desire and need. By constantly evolving, shifting, and learning, we’re always uncovering fresh and innovative ways to reach potential customers, even when targeting an audience, such as small-business owners or B2B professionals.

Motion Design

So many businesses ignore how busy everyone gets in today’s world to actually get their attention to focus on their business in retaining or growing their customer base. These days consumers are more intrigued when they watch videos about a product or service than when they see a random static e-flyer on their phone or ad on a pamphlet or a billboard and this is where whiteboard animation plays a very effective role.

We help your audience walk through the story of your brand product or service that's being told within the step-by-step drawings, in a fun way thereby grabbing your customer's attention. We go ahead to spice up your content with surprises, simple yet engaging object which ends up getting your audience glued to you for at least the first 5 seconds and ultimately till the end, wanting more of your product or service.

Art & Photo graphy

The authenticity of real painting cannot be overshadowed by digital art. Digital art no doubt has its juiciness but the originality and cultural background of painting leave people wanting more of it. Coloured pictorial representation of any drawing or picture requires much skill and because of this, most people have a hard time awarding artisan painting projects because it usually ends up becoming a scene of 'what I ordered versus what I got.'

This is why we at Jade Media Pro save you the pain of misrepresentation of any picture by providing you with talented and professional paintings. We help you with any type of painting and artistic work ranging from pencil sketching, oil painting, charcoal painting, and pencil drawings. We understand that multiple exposures are usually in photography but with our professionalism and artistic eye, we can recreate the same appearance with our painting. We make sure to pay attention to details thereby giving you a perfect representation of what you want giving you a subtle feeling of satisfaction and bliss.

Web & App Project

Many businesses are more concerned about profit-making that they forget that the main aim of any product is to satisfy its consumer. If you fail to pay attention to this, you will lose out on having a healthy customer base. Beyond wanting to make a sale, you want to be sure that your user or client enjoys using your product. It is very important to have these two; UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) working together to ensure an effective marketing strategy.

We help you incorporate a professionally created, designed, and organized UI (User Interface) that is in close contact with the overall idea of giving your consumer a beautiful UX (User Experience) while interacting with your product. We also take into account every aspect and go beyond to capture your user’s delight to make sure that they consider your product a pleasant one.

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