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Developful is a Swiss web agency founded in 2020, the company has evolved and now offers services in the areas of web development, mobile app development, marketing, SEO, and SEA. The brand became a growing business in recent years and is expected to expand furthermore, so the utmost important task was to devise a design that is timeless, professional, and gives off an approachable feel to the customers. The aim was to redesign the logo, color tones, and fonts to coincide with the modern yet technical line of business for the brand. The new logo design and visual content should be catchy, aesthetic, and matches the professional service the brand is offering so that the design and the offering would correlate to give a desirable look to the customers.


Their customers should be able to say that this is the brand that is offering what they have been searching for through the visual content and color templates. New logo and design patterns in the brand identity should convey the description of the products or services it is offering. Simplicity in the demographics of designing gives a shorthand to the company in this perspective as opposed to other brands in the same industry who have complex designs, they are hard to memorize and recognize and the visual appeal of the brand is lost in this whole process. Simple font and compatible font sizing are often used to lay out the information for a brand’s website in other to be convenient for the use of customers


At this point, it was important to have a deep insight into the tech sector of the brand, because the visual content has to be in parallel with the offering of the brand. This step established a framework for the redesign and development of the new brand strategy. At this step, all the information about the brand was gathered for the application of new design strategies. The new brand strategy was re-established by assessing what beliefs and values are vital to the brand so that through the contents they can exhibit the line of business which is web development, mobile app development, marketing, SEO, and SEA. The contents and tangible elements are to be kept simple so that all the relevant information about the service would be layered simply with neutral tones which is convenient and easily understood by interested individuals


Simplicity was used as the strategy for designing purposes. This results in designing a logo that sits comfortably in rounded and hexagon shapes and was adaptable to larger cover images. The logo was designed in a way that looks attractive when used on different platforms such as letterheads, business cards, social media profile pictures, etc. The information about the line of business is layered by using simple words and relevant images so the brand gives off a professional and convenient vibe to the customers. Neutral and primary colors and simple fonts were used throughout the design to give out a professional, free, and fun look to the brand. The yellow tones are used to represent the value of the brand: Freedom, Joy, and Helpful.


For the design to be timeless and distinguishable, it was made simple. Keeping in mind the perceived values and aesthetics; the color contrast, tones, font selection, the color of the font on banners, the orientation of font, and pictorial content was modern and effortless so that the brand is visually appealing to the customers. The right choice for these demographics of design bestows the final look represented as the result. The relevant information layered in the banners was accompanied by pictorial elements to give out a modern and professional look to the brand and to make the brand alluring for interested customers. The color scheme has been used throughout the design in a way that every aspect and every webpage complement each other and is not different from the other.

Collateral Contents

The product attributes in the display, such as letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and other brand collaterals, represent the company's true image in its area of work and show it to the public. The newly designed webpage and brand logo visual contents are based on the type of business service. The new logo is simple, but it captures the company's essence. The new color palette chosen for the display is a functional aesthetic that gives the design a professional appearance. The use of a yellow tone conveys a sense of the functional area; it corresponds to a brand that deals with fun coding and the concept of freedom. The content used for the display is equal to a business nature it is tasteful, stylish, and impartial. For the customers' convenience, all relevant information is displayed on their newly redesigned website.





Mark Manansala


Yohanes Fadillah (Project Manager), Dino Martin (Brand Manager), Meg Tsuruda (Branding Coordinator), Jon Baumgardner (Director of Entertainment)





John Ademiluyi


Matthew Encina


Scott Rothstein


Jaime Van Wart


Sang Chung


Daisy Zarazua

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