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Ariwa, established in Lagos, Nigeria, is at the forefront of African-inspired leather fashion culture, with a focus on originality, craftsmanship, and modern aesthetics. The real deal was to design a logo that would give a true representation of the luxurious and classy look of the brand. Idea was that the color tones, designs, strokes, and font used coincided with the brand look and the products offered. The logo design should have a captivating look and feel and correspond to the sensation of the product the brand is delivering, so the design and the actual product give customers a beautiful appearance. The goal was to create such a design that would radiate the whole look and feel of the brand’s personality that will let the customers know that this is the brand they’ve been looking for.


The World has witnessed a drastic shift towards online shopping during the past 5 years, to create a design catchy enough to draw the attention of potential customers is the ultimate task. Logo, patterns, design elements, and color scheme influence the speed of recognition and to remember the brand name or its products. Minimal yet classy designs are capable of drawing the attention of the customers. A minimalistic design approach will give a shorthand to the company in this regard as complex designs take more time to process and instant appeal of the products is lost in this process. The design along with the font, font size, placement of font, and color scheme of the font on different banners makes the whole look of a brand more appealing and desirable for the potential customers.

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At this step, we defined the attributes of the brand in some core areas to get a good idea of the brand identity. We got every bit of insight into the company and the products they are offering and how it contributes to the success of the design in the long run. This step sets a guideline for the designing and development process. The strategy was devised by John Ademiluyi, evaluating the brand identity on the following metrics; estimating whether the products are more on the modern side or the traditional side, whether the products fall on the economical side or luxurious side, whether the products show a youthful side or a playful side or what gender the products are directed towards. At this point, it was important to evaluate what beliefs and values were important to the brand so they can be represented transparently through the designs.

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The 'the simpler the better' approach resulted in the creation of an abstract and wordmark logo, which is extremely common in the fashion industry for distinguishing the company from rival brands and for easy application on its products. The concept adopted created a warm excitement that would complement the product designs and genuine images of the supplied products as shoe and bag companies handcrafted with high-quality leather. So, throughout the design, we used neutral colors, moderately thick strokes, and a simple serif font to create a professional, classic, and perfect style that complements the luxurious and timeless aspect of the finely hand-crafted leather shoes and bags. Because the products are available for both men and women, the design and color scheme chosen was not gender-specific and appeal to both genders equally.

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Minimalism was used as the foundation for design. The execution was done with the visual style in mind, such as how to make the neutral colors look visually appealing by using the right contrast of colors, tones, and typography, such as font size, orientation, and color on different banners and webpages that are visible to the customer, and most importantly, the font choice was simple, plain, and easy to understand. These design demographics contribute to the final appearance of the design as exhibited on the business card, letterhead, website, magazine, etc. The same color palette was used throughout the design to ensure that all aspects and pages complement one another and are not totally different

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Collateral Contents

The developed page's materials and visual content were based on customer preferences and show the product's genuine appearance and representation. It was a catchy yet elegant depiction of the product from several perspectives, allowing customers to get a true sense of what they're buying in. Along with the visual presentation of the product, there was a detailed explanation of the product and its features that entices customers to want it. The display colors and tones were functionally aesthetic and match the tones of the actual product, giving the design a professional appearance. The content follows the business style guidelines of being sophisticated, stylish, elegant, and classy. The ultimate goal of the content created was fulfilled connecting with the demands of the client by accurately representing the brand's personality.





Mark Manansala


Yohanes Fadillah (Project Manager), Dino Martin (Brand Manager), Meg Tsuruda (Branding Coordinator), Jon Baumgardner (Director of Entertainment)





John Ademiluyi


Matthew Encina


Scott Rothstein


Jaime Van Wart


Sang Chung


Daisy Zarazua

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