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Based in the Uk, Tozome is a community of explorers, creators, and storytellers from around Europe. The task was to use clips from different sources to devise a final true representation of the destinations visited by travelers. The result should be based on the different travel content the travelers encountered during their stay at different exotic destinations of the world. The videos should also cover the entire trip through the community and sum it up into a fascinating experience for the people who are watching the videos. The goal was to make the destinations look approachable, fascinating, and delightful for viewers by capturing the cultural, historical, and socioeconomic realities of different sites around the globe.


The final look should depict what future travelers were expected to experience at different cultural destinations worldwide. Many of the people who would be viewing want to see the destination's beauty and emotion firsthand, so clean video and descriptions that highlight the destination's inclusive and global nature are ideal. Within a 2–3-minute video, it is critical to present the visuals without overdramatizing them. To keep the audience engaged, digital motion scenes should change every 3-4 seconds. Every tourist attraction should be featured in the video to make the destination more interesting and appealing to subscribers as well as members of the general public who may benefit from it in a prompt and efficient manner.

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The approach was to use the clips in which the whole landscape of a location would be summed up in a way that the videos are short yet the all-inclusive portrayal of cultural, historical, and socio-economic parameters of the destination. The clips should be organized in a way that the values perceived by the places around the globe are truly represented in a streamlined but encased manner. This technique should inspire the viewers to travel around the globe to multiple exotic regions of a country. Scenes should change every 3-4 seconds; this technique will break visual monotony and keep the audience hooked. Color tones should be balanced in a way that every scene even with transitions is consistent with each other.

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The clips were shot keeping in mind the landscape of certain different sites. Some clips were shot from the sky and some were shot while from the ground; framing the shots from a higher ground adds beautiful counterparts to the land below. Some clips were shot in the broad sunlight, some in the dusk and some in the night to add dynamism to the final video. This makes the land more fascinating. Finding and creating movement in landscape videos was important to keep the audience engaged, where there was no crowd in the background pan, and the tilt technique is used in this regard. Creating a time-lapse of people walking and passing by creates a habitat in the video. A time-lapse including clouds, shadows, and the sun was used to enhance the visual content of the fully completed video.

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The resolution was advanced so that the colors were vivid and the visual content seems realistic to the viewers. Color correction was consistent throughout the video according to the aesthetics of each clip. Subtle yet refreshing music and simple transitions were used in the editing along with location referencing based on the dynamic movement of the destination clips to enhance the ambiance of the video for a better understanding and overview of the destinations. The transitions were not rapid, rather they sit comfortably between the video clips in the scenes. The overall esthetics were maintained in the video clips according to the cultural, historical, and socio-economic parameters of the location. In editing, most of the clips were added in a time-lapse manner so the duration of the video is comfortable for the viewers to watch and the video is represented as a rundown of the place.

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A glimpse of all the events and happenings encountered by the travelers were fully captured in each video, full of adventures so that it inspires the individuals to travel more and also to provide a positive image of different destinations so that the World is displayed as a safe space for the travelers. The destinations were captured through different angles and at different times of the day making people who watch videos have a virtual survey of the place they are wanting to visit the place and travel to experience the culture and beauty of that place. The final videos were all rendered and exported in 4K resolution to make the content looks more realistic and to maintain the beauty of the landscape. A glimpse of different regions of a destination was covered so that travelers can virtually





Mark Manansala


Yohanes Fadillah (Project Manager), Dino Martin (Brand Manager), Meg Tsuruda (Branding Coordinator), Jon Baumgardner (Director of Entertainment)





John Ademiluyi


Matthew Encina


Scott Rothstein


Jaime Van Wart


Sang Chung


Daisy Zarazua

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